Northstar Asset Management - Away from the herd, ahead of the market

Investing. It is all we do.

We focus all our efforts on growing and protecting our clients’ wealth, and offer no additional financial services beyond this narrow area of expertise in which we excel.

Exclusively. Resolutely.

All our resources are directed at seeking investment opportunities, and providing for our clients’ greater-than-market returns at lower-than-market risk.

Year in, year out.

Through this single-mindedness, we have built our enviable track record, and our clients’ wealth.

Long-term investing for serious wealth creation.

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Past performance

Over the long-term, in both up and down market cycles, Northstar has produced results which have significantly outperformed the overall stock market. Northstar has delivered greater-than-market returns at lower-than-market risk.

The graph shows the returns that Northstar clients have enjoyed on a notional R1m invested since 1st January 2002. As is evident, this compares favourably with the returns delivered by the Johannesburg Securities Exchange (JSE) All Share Index (ALSI).