Client Testimonials

I was very privileged to meet Adrian Clayton some twenty years ago. At this time in my life the funds I had were all I had. I felt apprehensive about investing in equities and wanted to withdraw every cent I had from the stock exchange and safely put it in the bank...What a big mistake that would have been...

Adrian had been administering a very small portfolio for me and persuaded me to look at the dividend income as the share values can and do fluctuate, the dividend was what interested me and maintained my lifestyle, not my actual portfolio value. I am an investor, not a speculator.

This all took place many years ago. Adrian has become a true friend with my interests and those of my two children at heart. Through his conscientious attention to the markets and research in the shares in which he invests for his clients, my portfolio has grown by well over what I could have dreamt I am what is called a moderately wealthy person with the ability to live and travel as I please, knowing that Adrian and his dedicated team have my interests at heart. For me, what is very important is the personal contact I have with Adrian and his team. I met the team and the sheer enthusiasm and dedication and love of their work and clients is inspiring.

Overseas investments have been carefully executed and fruitfully managed. I do not think it is easy to invest in foreign markets; this has been done very successfully by the Northstar team.

If there is a query, usually a geriatric misinterpretation of an item, one of the team is always there to patiently explain to me what the position is. I am eternally grateful to Adrian and his Northstar team for giving me the freedom to have a financially carefree-old age... I am sure this is partly as a result of the low costs of fund administration, compared to other institutions, their high ethics and their dedication to the needs of their clients.

Had I not met and listened to Adrian Clayton I dread to think how financially embarrassed I would have been now, twenty years later. Trust and believe in him and his team they will not let you down.

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I met Adrian Clayton in the mid 1990’s when I placed my investments with Alphen Asset Management. Adrian has been my asset manager ever since. I have seen Adrian build-up fantastic businesses (presently under the Northstar banner), based on research, long-term focus, and unquestionable ethics, and placing their clients first.

Adrian and his team are fantastic, extremely hardworking, and absolutely dedicated to enhancing their client’s investments. Our relationship has evolved over the years to the point where I am proud to call Adrian a friend, one that I can trust and rely on wholeheartedly.

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