Financial Advisor Testimonials

I have had the pleasure of knowing Adrian for some years now. What started out as a business to business relationship, has blossomed into a deep and enduring friendship over the years. I have grown to admire Adrian’s unbridled passion for building the premier private client asset management business in South Africa. He has a relentless perseverance of excellence and does not accept mediocrity in any aspect of Northstar.

He lives and breathes this passion every day, getting involved in all aspects of the business from research and operations, to client services. This is unlike many other CEO’s that I have encountered who seem to preach shallow rhetoric from ivory towers. He and his team have spent thousands of hours honing their proprietary research process on stocks in their coverage to the finest level of granularity that rivals, if not beats, many of the best research houses in the world.

This enables them to unemotionally identify both over and undervalued stocks which leads to their consistent top class performance and keeps them well ahead of the game. This, together with his willingness to engage any client, at any time, irrespective of size, has made Northstar an absolute pleasure to deal with and my first choice high conviction long equity manager for high net worth clients.

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Our association with Adrian Clayton started in the mid 1990’s while Adrian was an analyst at Appleton and later as portfolio manager and CEO of Asset Management at PSG. Some of our clients have been invested, to their financial benefit, with his funds for over two decades. It was for these obvious reasons that we followed him, and his very capable team, when they took over Northstar Asset Management.

The fact that their recommendations are based on dedicated research, makes it easy for me to expose my clients’ financial needs to this team. Although Adrian Clayton only became fully involved in Northstar in 2012, they have already established themselves as a big player in our industry. With their wealth of knowledge and dedication, I use Adrian and the Northstar team as a guide in almost all my recommendations for a balanced investment.

Our success can be contributed to the fact that the Northstar Team hold themselves to a very high standard which enables them to achieve success while remaining ethical and honest.

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I have known Adrian Clayton since 1996. Adrian has always been focussed on constructing portfolios for clients through research. The research framework that has been developed and used at Northstar Asset Management, is what drives the engine of the business.

With a growing team of specialists, I can only see Northstar moving from strength to strength and becoming even more highly regarded in the market place than what they are at present. Whilst I know that their aim is to become exactly that, they are completely focussed on each of their clients and the value they can add to their wealth.

The focus at Northstar is very intentional, they want to create wealth and value for clients over time, with an emphasis on openness, honesty, high ethics and excellence in all they do. Since Adrian took over the running of the Northstar business in 2012, I have had the privilege of seeing how the team operates and how this has led to wealth being created in my clients’ portfolios.

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