Who We Are

A singular mission: consistent long-term investment returns, underpinned by excellent client service delivery.

Our team has a strong track record and years of experience. We build our focused product range with quality assets identified through a fundamental research process. We only acquire these when they are at a reasonable price, with the opportunity for strong upside. We cater for both individual and institutional clients.

The name Northstar is based on the North Star in the night sky, which has for centuries acted as a reference point and guiding light. The story of flight best encapsulates our approach to business. From the first manned flight in December 1903 to 2013, when Voyager 1 entered interstellar space, the story of flight highlights human endeavor and was achieved through:

  • An unfettered belief in success.
  • An absolute grasp of the significance and enormity of the task.
  • A fixation with diminishing failure through planning.
  • An acceptance of setbacks.
  • An obsession to stay the course.
Managing our clients’ money comes with an unfettered belief in success at Northstar Asset Management. We have no delusions about the enormity of this task as it involves the realisation of each and every one of our clients' financial goals. To this end, we plan while others doubt, we accept setbacks but realise these are transitory, and we understand the importance of time and a total commitment to the course.

Our Company Principles
  • Delivery of long-term investment returns to clients.
  • Class leading client service delivery.
  • Focused fundamental research produces consistent long-term returns.
  • Integrity and honesty are the bedrock of our value system.
  • We choose to be the best and not the biggest.



Northstar was founded by the late Alexander Otten in 1996. Alexander built a highly successful high net-worth private business, managing domestic share portfolios. Tragically, Alexander passed away in 2012. Adrian Clayton left PSG Asset Management after 12 years and took over Northstar in late 2012. He served as portfolio manager of the Balanced Fund (a fund he ran for 14 years) and as CEO of PSG Asset Management. Northstar continues to enjoy significant client growth and has developed into a serious player in both the high net-worth private and institutional client markets.

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