Our clients are aware that Northstar Asset Management has a deep social conscience. This is not something that is legislated upon us, it is instead our choice to involve ourselves in good deeds and this is deeply embedded within our DNA. We simply want to make a meaningful difference in the lives of disadvantaged children and animals. Needless to say, our charities do not win us government points or seats at fancy board meetings, often a reason why corporates do sponsor charities, but they do give us a deep sense of changing lives where we can and others won’t!

The Emma Animal Rescue Society (TEARS) was founded in Masiphumelele in 1999, a poverty stricken area, home to a growing population of people struggling to feed not only themselves, but the dogs and cats in their care. Sterilisations of animals or medical interventions such as vaccinations, de-worming or tick and flea prevention was simply not a possibility for desperate local communities, even with the best will in the world. TEARS started out as the dream of three friends Ms. Emma Geary-Cooke, Ms. Joan Brown and Ms. Marilyn Hoole but today is a well-established and sustainable non-profit organisation. They have over 60 staff members caring for a large contingent of dogs and cats.

Janet Laurie introduced Northstar Asset Management to TEARS in 2008 which is when our support began. This support has over the years focused not only on financial contributions but also time – Janet gave up her time to participate in the charity. These days volunteers get to assist the organisation throughout the week except on Thursdays and Saturdays which are adoption days. TEARS is such a place of hope, take the walking and outing days, dogs can be heard barking in excitement with the knowledge that they will get to explore new places with the volunteers!

Northstar’s ongoing financial support of TEARS assists with their mobile clinic, feeding the animals, provision of advertising banners and sponsoring staff clothing. In conclusion, when we asked Ms Katie Hoy, previously having worked in financial services and now fully dedicated to TEARS how she manages the emotional upheaval of working with abused animals, her comments touched home. “It’s the animals outside of TEARS who we should feel for, the animals in here have hope.”

Northstar Asset Management is proud to be involved with TEARS.

TEARS are always in need of support please visit www.tears.org.za.