When did your interest in financial markets start?

My interest began at high school when I studied economics as one of my commercial subjects.

What did you study and why?

As mentioned above, I’m naturally orientated towards numbers and consequently, I chose to study accounting. I am currently finishing my ACCA (Association of Charted Certified Accountants) accounting program.

What do you think equips you to do this job properly?

I believe “no man is an island”, the team I am a member of and the systems we utilise equip us to achieve our goal of caring, high impact service to our clients. Coming from a tax/accounting and hospitality background, helps me look at situations differently and gives me a nice mix of communication and numerical skills – both are needed!

What do you love about investing?

The magic of watching our investment team make rational, well-researched decisions that maintain the purchasing power of our clients’ money.

What do you find the most challenging part of your role?

Private client servicing and operations is administratively complex, often clients need unique assistance with little standardisation. Trying to standardise outcomes can make clients feel unloved but non-standardisation can lead to errors – again making clients feel unloved. Unique client requests places our team under pressure. These are our challenges – finding the happy balance of care and standardisation. We set high standard for ourselves!

Why do you think clients will do well under you and your research team?

It’s more than just work for us as a client servicing team, there’s a level of excellence and ownership in what we do and consequently we always do our very best - our clients will definitely benefit in the long-run.