Over the years, Northstar has attracted a solid client base of like-minded investors: We share a common long-term approach to investing, one which focuses on wealth accumulation through a consistent application of an investment philosophy and an investment process which centres on deep-seated fundamental research aimed at understanding what each and every investment is actually worth before allocating capital thereto.

Long-term outperformance of our benchmarks: At Northstar, we manage money following an approach which we know works. This our clients can attest to, our long-term results are stellar and Northstar is in a unique position in that it has a performance track record that extends two decades.

Placing our clients’ interest first: We are focused on doing the right thing for our clients at a microscopic, granular level. This approach ensures that Northstar’s own success is guaranteed! Doing the ‘right thing’ is encapsulated in all aspects of our client engagement, from understanding a client’s needs and tailoring investments to achieve those needs, to avoiding conflicts and importantly, charging fees that are transparent and fair.

Deep-seated knowledge and professionalism: We pride ourselves on being experts in our field and ensuring that we can provide insightful knowledge to our clients and their advisors, so as to assist them in making appropriate investment decisions. The Northstar Investment team will only offer opinions on investments once we have valued those investments ourselves.