Northstar segregated portfolios

Northstar is one of the few institutional asset managers offering segregated portfolios to very high net-worth clients, family offices as well as institutional clients. Unlike the traditional segregated portfolio services offered by stockbrokers to very high net-worth clients, Northstar differentiates itself through its institutional expertise and avoidance of conflicts of interest in the fee value chain.

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Short Overview

This product is best suited to investors with R 5 million or more to invest. Northstar Asset Management is the ideal home for private investors. Northstar’s business model is designed around offering institutional expertise to private investors wishing to have a bespoke segregated portfolio managed professionally. This institutional offering to private investors is unique within the domestic market, as all the large main ‘house brand’ managers who traditionally dominated the private client market, have focused their business models on mass retail and institutional management. Consequently, Northstar fills an important gap in the market. Northstar Asset Management will always remain fully committed to our private client roots, we are extremely proud of our heritage in the high net-worth market, and we hold dear our long-standing relationships with our loyal clients.

  • Selective

    We select our clients carefully.

  • Personable

    We know each and every client by name.

  • Transparent

    We earn no soft commissions or secretive fees.

  • Fair

    We do not earn stock broking fees as we deem this inappropriate.

  • Expertise

    We work tirelessly on research to invest through knowledge.

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Allocation Key

  • CASH
  • Income

    Real returns of 1% with capital drawdowns of less than 3% and a time frame of 1 year or longer.


    1-3 Years

  • Balanced

    Real returns of 4% with capital drawdowns of less than 34% and a time frame of 5 years or longer.


    5 Years +

  • SA Equity

    Real returns of 6% with capital drawdowns of less than 45% and a time frame of 7 years or longer.


    7 Years +

  • Global Equity

    Long-term capital growth. An investment time frame of 7 years or longer.


    7 Years +