Northstar South African funds

We offer four domestic funds that cover the full risk-return spectrum which financial advisors normally utilise as building blocks for their clients. The Northstar SCI Income Fund and the Northstar SCI Managed Fund have Regulation 28 compliant asset allocations, making them suitable for both lump sum and ongoing retirement contributions. The Northstar SCI Equity Fund only invests in companies listed on the JSE and consequently, is suitable for investors seeking exposure to the South African market. Northstar is also the investment manager of the top performing Prime General Equity Fund, an equity fund which invests in both South African and global equities.

Note: SCI refers to Sanlam Collective investments

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Latest Allocation (AT 12 March 2019)

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  • Northstar SCI Income Fund

    Regular and stable income. The fund is Regulation 28 compliant.


    1-3 Years

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  • Northstar SCI Managed Fund

    Moderate to high long-term returns. The fund is Regulation 28 compliant.


    5 Years +

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  • Northstar SCI Equity Fund

    Maximum capital growth over the long-term through investments in predominantly the equity market.


    7 Years +

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  • Prime General Equity Fund

    Capital appreciation through investments primarily in equity and listed and unlisted financial instruments.


    7 Years +

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Accessing global investments using rands

The Northstar SCI Global Flexible Feeder Fund is a South African based Unit Trust that invests exclusively into the Northstar Global Flexible Fund. The fund maintains a small cash position in ZAR in order to facilitate liquidity for investors. The experience of investors in this fund therefore reflects the performance of the Northstar Global Flexible Fund, as measured in ZAR. There is no initial fee for investors, but an annual management fee of 0.40% including VAT, is charged in addition to the fees levied in the underlying fund.