Income segregated portfolio

An active approach to managing fixed income assets to enhance income and control risk.

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Northstar Income Strategy

Who should invest

This low risk strategy is ideal for investors seeking consistent above cash and inflation returns whilst generating a healthy income from a diverse portfolio of actively managed income assets. An investment time horizon of at least 3 years is recommended.

All charts are measured since inception ( and as at the latest quarter end. The returns are gross and in the table below the chart they are annualised. Source: Bloomberg, MorningStar and Northstar Asset Management.

Strategy Return
Benchmark Return

Invest Now

Invest with Northstar directly

We can assist you with making direct investments but without financial advice. Direct investments via Northstar are subject to certain minimums. Simply get in touch with our client service team by emailing

Speak to your financial advisor

Our unit trust range can be accessed via a number of platform providers. Simply click the link ‘information on accessing our funds’ for more information on these platform providers.

Requirements For This Fund

  • R 5000 000
    • Certified Copy of both sides of ID Document with 3 specimen signatures (Certifier needs to state “signature belongs to ID Holder”).
    • Proof of Address (not older than 3 months) e.g. utility bill, rates, Telkom.
    • Proof of Banking details (not older than 3 months).
    • SARS document containing name and tax number.