Northstar Global Income Fund (USD)

This low-risk fund is ideal for investors who would like to diversify their investments offshore and require regular and stable income that targets US inflation beating returns over the long-term, while actively managing risk of capital loss in the short-term. The recommended investment time horizon is 3 years.

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Northstar Global Income Fund

Who should invest

Investors looking to diversify in a low- risk offshore fund and that requires consistent above cash and inflation returns whilst generating a healthy income from a diverse portfolio of actively managed income assets, making it suitable for retirement capital.

An investment time horizon of at least 3 years is recommended.

  • Invests in various asset classes worldwide.
  • A high yielding portfolio.
  • Provides stable income and capital protection.
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Invest Now

Invest offshore via Northstar

To invest in the Offshore fund directly through Northstar email

* It is the client’s responsibility to ensure the SARS requirements to transfer funds offshore are met however Northstar can put you in contact with a Foreign Exchange Service Provider to assist with these requirements.

Requirements For This Fund

  • US$ 1 000 Class C / US$ 300,000 Class B

    • Identification document or valid passport with visible photograph and legible text
    • Birth Certificate for minors
    • Proof of residence
    • Proof of representation (if applicable)
    • Proof of source of funds
    • Brief profile/ C.V.


  • For LISP access, please contact Alex Holmes at¬†

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About This Fund

Latest Allocation

  • Fixed Income
  • Cash
  • Equity
  • Alternatives
Management Date
25 May 2023
EAA Fund USD Cautious Allocation
Fund Size
US$ 16.5 million
Minimum Investment
US$ 1 000
Latest Distribution
Roll-up fund
0.5 p.a. (VAT not applicable)
Risk Profile
Low Medium
Time Horizon
3 Years +
Regulation 28
EAA Fund USD Cautious Allocation
Fund Classification
EAA Fund USD Cautious Allocation